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About Company "Viza"

About Company

Copmpany of financial and legal outsourcing "VIZA" is an organization, which unites bright intellects in the field of jurisprudence, finance, audit and accounting, securities, intelectual property.

Among our personnel there are highly qualified specialists, who can satisfy any needs of any business in legal and financial questions.

What is an outsorcing?

Outsourcing is a transfer of definite business processes or industrial functions of the company to service of other company, which has specialization in corresponding sphere.

Principle of outsourcing is "I leave for myself only that I can do better than others, I transfer to external executor only that he does better than others." Outsourcing allows client to reduce costs and considerably cut laboriousness, to focus on basic business processes of the company without diverting it's attention away on additional ones.

Positive sides of outsourcing are:

• reduction in value while realization of business process:
- decrease and control of costs;
- deliverance of internal resources of the company for other aims;

• increase of quality of received products or services:
- focus on main activity;
- use of special equipment, knowledge, technologies, instruments;

• risk reduction, connected with business process realization:
- use of competition on the executor market;
- reduction of uncontrolled factors influence;
- division and partial transfer of risks to other company;

• additional access to finances (on fund market) - increase of investment attractivness of the company.

Idea of Company of financial and legal outsourcing "VIZA" activity is consolidation of self-reliant structures, which have experiance in business support and provide complex qualified services in the following spheres:

- legal support of business;
- accounting support of business;
- internal and external audit, both financial and legal;
- servies on the security market (registrar of securities owners, depositary, securities dealers);
- services in the field of intelectual property.

You can see a full range of our services in the section "Our products".

High quality of provided services of Company of financial and legal outsourcing "VIZA" is guaranteed by means of 100 % foreign capital. The Company annualy has external audit from the side of independant foreign experts.

Client for us above all!

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